Added functionality in Grassroots – Service Certificates

The Grassroots online registry have just added SERVICE CERTIFICATES (also used for MATING PLANS) to the options for breeders.

There are a couple of occasions when breeders can use this option:

  1. When a breeder hires out or lends a ram and needs to complete a Service Certificate to give to the owner of the ewes to be covered so that they can inform the society which ewes the ram has served and Birth Notify any progeny, and  
  2. When a breeder put their rams in with ewes at the beginning of the mating season and wants to record which rams went in with which ewes.

Both of these can also be completed using paper forms as an alternative. 

The first is found on the publications page and is form SSBA 8  – click here to go to that page.

The second is the Census form sent out to breeders in October each year as part of the Annual Flock Return. Now, breeders do not need to wait for this form, but can complete it online as soon as the rams are put in. If completed online, just remember to tick the box on the membership renewal form, when received, that says the beeding plan has been completed online.

A user guide for the new SERVICE CERTIFICATE functionality is available to view and download – click here.