Members of the Shropshire Sheep Breeders Association

The Shropshire Sheep Breeders’ Association has members throughout the UK. The breed society can arrange flock visits for potential buyers and will endeavour to match up buyers with sellers in their locality.

Members with stock for sale and buyers can contact the breed society’s Sales Officer Claire Jakeman on 07766 238346 or if unavailable society Secretary Simon Mackay on 01925 765304 for help and advice.

 The SSBA hold a National Show and Sale,  at Shrewsbury Market in late July and a sale at Worcester Market in October. All stock will be inspected by the breed society before being offered for sale to ensure breed standards are maintained.

Members of the society may also be advertising sheep for sale on the Sell My Livestock website.

The members listed are those that have given explicit permission for their details to appear on this website. It is not an exhaustive list of SSBA members. 



Overseas members – The SSBA also has members outside of the UK and Ireland.

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