Online Registration System

The Shropshire Sheep Breeders Association (and European Shropshire Sheep Breeders’ Association) use an online pedigree and registration systems provided by Grassroots Pedigree Software Solutions. The systems is called the Grassroots Online Registry. This allows breeders to birth notify, register and manage their flock online. Alternatively, paper records can be submitted to our Registrations Clerk who will make the changes for breeders.

The systems also allows members to search for sheep they do not own to find out their details.

Access to the Grassroots Online Registry is by using a web browser on any suitable device (computer, tablet, mobile phone). Access by web browser is free to all members. See the link below for access and the links for instructions on how to use the system.  

PLEASE NOTE: Grassroots updated their system in 2021 and further upgrades to the user interface have taken place since – users are recommended to look at the new user guides linked to above. All logon details and passwords are still valid on the new system, but the the old user guide is no longer relevant.  

Grassroots also have a mobile phone app for access to their system. The Grassroots Systems Mobile App allows mobile phone access through a dedicated app rather than using a web browser. It also allows access to your data even when you have no internet or mobile access as a copy of your data is stored on your device. The App can be downloaded from the Appstore (Apple) or Google Playstore (Android). The app is free for the first month, and then a charge of £1.99 per month or £14.99 for the year, will be made by Grassroots to the user. 

If you wish to use the App, then here is a link to the guide on set up and use – Click Here