A Quick Guide to Your Pedigree Year

The SSBA have a “Quick Guide to Your Pedigree Year” to help members manage the pedigree side of their flocks. It is only two sides of A4 paper! It lists the key tasks that need to be performed throughout the year to maintain the pedigree status of a Shropshire sheep flock.

It covers the areas of –

  • The correct ear tag information and tagging of lambs
  • Records you must keep at lambing
  • Birth notification of lambs each year
  • Registration of previously birth notified sheep
  • Actions required on sales, deaths, sending animals to market or for slaughter
  • Tupping plans, as you must know the parentage of every lamb born
  • The renewal process for your membership

The guide is a handy double sided A4 size, so can easily be printed off for reference at any time. 

Click here to download the SSBA “Quick Guide to You Pedigree Year”.

The quick reference guide does not cover all areas. The full (master version) of the rules and regulations of the SSBA are published in the Annual Flock Book.

Please use the online systems to do as much as possible – whilst all pedigree actions can be accomplished using the paper forms available on this website (forms listed on this page), the SSBA recommends that all pedigree recording actions are done online using the Grassroots system. Click here to go the Online Recording System page for full details and instructions.