Shropshire Sheep in Europe

A warm welcome to breeders of Shropshire sheep in Europe. (If you are a breeder in the Republic of Ireland there is a separate web page for you here).

For a number of years now the SSBA has been exporting consignments of pedigree Shropshire sheep to many parts of Europe. The breed is becoming well established in a number of different countries with the sheep being used in fruit orchards as well as in more traditional settings.

2011 saw the launch of SSBA membership services for French breeders, enabling them to register their production and to benefit from the SSBA newsletters and Flock Book. Some regions of Belgium also had this service made available.

Post Brexit, this service is still available through our new organisation, the European Shropshire Sheep Breeders’ Association (“ESSBA”), where a new European Shropshire Sheep Flock Book has been created. All previously birth notified and registered sheep have been moved over to the new flock book. Access to the  Grassroots online registrations system and to your usual SSBA contacts remains unchanged. 

Currently, ESSBA member services are not available in any other EU countries (except France, parts of Belgium and Ireland).