New Members

If you are thinking of purchasing Shropshire Sheep for the first time then we are all here to help you, if you need it. Please read the Purchasers Guide for more information or for a more in depth guide then read the Getting started with Shropshire Sheep booklet.

Please remember that only Pedigree Registered Shropshire Sheep can breed Pedigree Shropshire Sheep; we no longer have a Grading up Register. 

For a quick guide to all the actions needed to maintain your flock’s pedigree status each year click here to see our “A Quick Guide To Your Pedigree Year”  – it’s just two sides of A4

For further knowledge of our breed, please consult our Critical Selection Booklet.


Click here to see our A Quick Guide To Your Pedigree Year – it gives all your actions required to maintain the pedigree status of your flock – it’s just 2 sides of A4.

  • Become a member of the society before or as soon as your purchase the sheep. Publications & Forms
  • To Birth Notify and Register lambs the ewe and tup must both be fully registered sheep
  • Official ear tags must be used  in the format – Side 1: unique consecutive number of each lamb born followed by the breeder’s flock designation letters and the year in which it was born; side 2: official Defra Flock Number. For example : Side 1: 0001  AAA 22; Side 2: UK 0301102 
  • All lambs should be birth notified (this is free of charge) by 30th June each year. 
  • Birth notified lambs can be registered at any time.
  • Females to be sold as pedigree must be fully registered unless under 4 months of age; males to be sold as pedigree can be registered by the seller or the buyer (if buyer a member of the SSBA).
  • Use the Grassroots online system (see the page on this here) to notify any births, deaths, transfers or sales. Alternatively or for any questions on this, please contact the Registrations Clerk, Gail Beattie,, (tel – 01382 350 590, mobile – 07971 306 266). 


Please consult our Shepherd’s Diary for ideas on management throughout the year.