The Society have been extremely successful exporting Shrophires all around Europe for over 100 years. In the more recent period, they are being used with great effect in various tree management systems, conifer plantations and orchards. They are also being trialled in lavender fields and vineyards. There is a significant cost saving in using Shropshires vs chemical spraying. Plus with the new emphasis on environmental matters and our awareness of using chemicals in our daily lives, Shropshires are definitely worth considering. Please read our free booklet TWO CROPS FROM ONE ACRE which can be downloaded from this website.

Pens of Shropshire lambs and shearling ewes ready to be loaded for export to Europe

By placing an order through the Society your sheep have the benefit of being inspected by Society Inspectors that they meet the breed standard and are correct to breed. Only the best sheep will be selected so you can be assured that you will be happy with your investment. You will receive pedigree certificates for each sheep which states they have been society inspected.

It is also worth noting that all our exporting breeders belong to the national Scrapie Monitoring and the Maedi Visna Accreditation schemes. These are government run schemes which promote high health status, enabling sheep from the UK to be exported anywhere in Europe. These schemes have run for over 20 years. Any purchasers requiring ARR/ARR genotype status can request this but there is an on cost with more limited availability (please see table below).

Shropshire sheep arriving at their new home in Switzerland

We help you every step of the way, all you have to do is obtain a licence from your Ministry of Agriculture for the importation of livestock. We also recommend you use our transport/hauliers who we have used for many years and have confidence that your sheep will be well looked after and you will receive them in good condition.

If you would like more information please contact :

Claire Jakeman, Sales Officer, +44 7766 238346, salesofficer@shropshire-sheep.co.uk

Export Prices 2024

EWE Lambs Shearling EWES RAM Lambs Shearling RAMS
£300 £370 £600 £700


EWE Lambs Shearling EWES RAM Lambs Shearling RAMS
£330 £420 £700 £800

The above prices are for the sheep. In addition, the buyer will need to pay a GB lairage fee. These are set as follows –

  • For a purchase of 1 to 5 sheep – a fixed fee of £100
  • For the purchase of between 6 and 20 sheep – a fee of £20 per sheep.
  • For purchases over 20 sheep, £20 per sheep for the first 20 sheep plus £10 per sheep for the remainder. 

Buyers will also need to pay transport costs and any local costs incurred in the destination or en-route country.