Shropshire Sheep in Ireland

The Shropshire Sheep Breeders’ Association has been working closely with breeders from both sides of the border for many years to help promote the breed, with Irish breeders from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland entering their pedigree stock into the Flock Book.

Since Brexit, the SSBA continues to support all Irish breeders to ensure they can still register their sheep.  

Breeders in Northern Ireland, as full members of the SSBA, can continue to enter their sheep in the UK Flock Book as before

Breeders in the Republic of Ireland, can enter their pedigree sheep into a new Flock Book in the name of the European Shropshire Sheep Breeders’ Association (“ESSBA”). Breeders in the Republic of Ireland are now both Subscribers of the ESSBA and Affiliate Members of SSBA.

Members of both SSBA and ESSBA can access and manage their flocks via the Grassroots Online Software. Click the link here to find out more about the Grassroots system and if you are a Member, access it.  

The SSBA manages the ESSBA’s Flock book on its behalf and any queries or questions can still be directed to your usual contacts. All processes – birth notifications, registrations, transfers and so on – are still all processed in the same way as before Brexit. For ESSBA, all previously birth notified and registered sheep have been moved over to the new ESSBA flock book. Access to the  Grassroots online registrations system and to your usual SSBA contacts remains unchanged. 

If you are interested in starting a new flock then please have a look at all the information on our website and contact us for more information. To download a paper joining form click here. (For Northern Ireland use form SSBA 1; for the Republic of Ireland use form SSBA 1A). OR Use our much easier online joining form – click here. , or click the “JOIN TODAY” button from any page. 

The main contacts that members or prospective members will need are:

Adrian Norton (Irish Co-ordinator)  +353 879 150383,

Jan Morris (Membership Secretary)  +44 7816 813 986, +44 1743 821 685,

Claire Jakeman (Sales Officer)  +44 7766 238346,

Gail Beattie (Registrations Clerk): +44 1382 350 590, +44 7971 306 266,

Shropshire sheep in a Christmas Tree plantation in Wexford.