2020 SSBA National Show & Sale cancelled

The Council of the SSBA are disappointed to announce that the 2020 National Show & Sale, which was scheduled to be held on Sunday 26th July 2020 at Halls Shrewsbury Livestock Auction Centre, has been cancelled.

Although there has started to be some easing of restrictions, the SSBA Council felt that there were still too many uncertainties to be able to hold this year’s event.

Livestock markets, including Halls, have been operating on a “drop and go” basis, but this would not work for a pedigree sheep sale. Showing classes would definitely not have been allowed under the current guidelines. And it was difficult to see how sellers and buyers would be able to manage in line with the current social distancing rules.

The latest issue of ShropTalk (the SSBA’s quarterly newsletter) has some useful information on how breeders can market their sheep and where buyers can find pedigree Shropshire sheep for sale. See page 3, Spring 2020 ShropTalk. For any advice or guidance (on selling or buying) please contact the SSBA Sales Officer, Claire Jakeman (salesofficer@shropshire-sheep.co.uk).