Show and Sale Report 2019

THE Traditional, Native and Rare Breeds Show and Sale were held at Halls Auction Centre in Shrewsbury on 28th July 2019.  The numbers of sheep entered and forward was down on the previous year particularly on the male side.

The Show started at 9am with Les Newman, a former president of the SSBA, judging instead of acting as ring steward.  Thank you to Jan Morris for taking over that role.

The Shearling Ram Class was won by Tushbrook Eagle (02XY18) from Eleanor Russell, sired by Stonegrove Conway.  Eleanor also supplied the Reserve, Tushbrook Electric Shock (12XY18), by the same sire.

The Ram Lamb Class was won by Brereton (804DB19), from Mark and Sue Shimwell, sired by Brereton Stirling, with Hornpipe Flagon (271FN19) from Alison Schofield as Reserve.  Flagon was sired by Hornpipe Blackbird.

Moving on to the females, the Shearling Ewe Class was won by Mark and Sue Shimwell with 735DB18, again by Brereton Stirling, with a Stonegrove Livestock entry in second place (304XP18), sired by Stonegrove Carthorse.

The Ewe Lamb Class was another success for the Shimwells with Brereton 800DB19 first and 805DB19 second, these lambs being sired by Brereton Stirling and Roydon Rumble respectively.

No senior sheep were forwarded for either ram or ewe classes.

The championship went to the Brereton Ewe Lamb with Eleanor Russell’s Shearling Ram reserve and also the best opposite sex to the champion.  It was also the best sheep owned by a Junior Member.

In the Sales Ring prices were down across the board with shearling ewes showing the lowest fall.  The figures are summarised on page 3.  

The top price was 520 guineas for Alison Schofield’s ram lamb, the second in the show class, sold to Sue Farquhar.  The first prize shearling ram from Eleanor Russell sold for 400 guineas to Mark and Sue Shimwell.

Mr. & Mrs. Durnford’s shearling ram, Fivepines Utopia (498AEA18) by Ushers Erasmus went for 380 guineas to BR & TJ Powell & Son.  The first place ram lamb sold for 280 guineas to Messrs Perks and Ball.

Some 48 of the females forward sold. 380 guineas was paid for Mark and Sue Shimwell’s first place ewe and also for Stonegrove Livestock’s ewe (320XP19) by Stonegrove Chester.  Both were bought by CG Harris & Son. The first prize ewe lamb and Show Champion went for 250 guineas to RE & JB Davies with three more ewe lambs from the same flock being sold for 200 guineas each to three different buyers.

Sale Results

Shearling Rams: Top 400gns; 6 average £312.

Ram Lambs: Top 520gns, 4 average £331.

Adult Ewes: Top 150gns, 1 average £158.

Shearling Ewes: Top 380gns, 23 average £241.

Ewe Lambs: Top 250gns, 24 average £148

58 head average £209

10 rams sold from 12 forward

48 females sold from 50 forward.


Shearling Ram Class

1st: Ellie Russell

2nd: Ellie Russell

3rd: Jeanette and Robert Hares


Shearling Ewe Class

1st: M and S Shimwell

2nd: Stonegrove Livestock

3rd: M and S Shimwell


Ram Lamb Class

1st: M and S Shimwell

2nd: Alison Schofield

3rd: C and K Weaver


Ewe Lamb Class

1st: M and  S Shimwell

2nd: M and S Shimwell

3rd: Robert Webb


No animals were forward in the Adult Ram and Adult ewe classes.

Champion and winner of the Morley Trophy: M and S Shimwell (ewe lamb).

Reserve Champion and winner of the Roydon Trophy for the best opposite sex to the champion: Ellie Russell (shearling ram). Pictured on the left.

Winner of the Southworth Shield for the best-prepared pen of two or more sheep: Ellie Russell.

Champion and Winner of the Morley Tophy, M&S Shimwell, ewe lamb
Champion and Winner of the Morley Tophy, M&S Shimwell, ewe lamb