Shropshire Sheep Tree Club launched on Facebook

Shropshire Sheep now have a second page on Facebook.

The original Friends of Shropshire Sheep page continues to be the place to see the latest news from Shropshire breeders and the SSBA. Click here to go Friends of Shropshire Sheep. The page is viewed and used by not only members of the SSBA, but all people interested in Shropshire Sheep. The page is a huge success with over 1,500 followers.

There is also now a new group page called the Shropshire Sheep Tree Club. The Tree Club is a venue for discussion, questions and answers about keeping Shropshire Sheep in orchards, Christmas tree plantations, woodlands and other agroforestry systems.

It is a public group, so anybody can view the pages, but if you want to post or join in the discussions, you will need to become a group member. You can apply to join from the page.   

Click here to go to the Shropshire Sheep Tree Club.