Shropshires in the UK

Cheshire 2014 Camp-Res
Cheshire 2014 Entries
Cheshire Show 2014 – Champion – J Hares-Reserve Champion – M-S Shimwell

Cheshire Show 2014 – Some of the entries

Ellie Russell - Angel Ellie Russell Moreton SHow 2014
Ellie Russell – First home bred ewe lamb

Ellie Russell – Preparing for Moreton In Marsh Show 2014

Shropshire Res 2014
Stafford 2014 Champ-Res
Shropshire Show 2014 – Reserve Champion H Clay

Staffordshire County Show 2014 – Champion-Reserve Champion

Shropshire Show 2014 Junior members
Shropshire Show 2014
Shropshire Show 2014 – Junior Members of the SSBA

Shropshire Show 2014 – Champion J Hares

Royal Manx 2013Manx 2013 aRoyal Manx 2

Paul-Wendy Crocker – exhibiting the ‘Ashley Flock’

of Shropshire Sheep for the first time at

The Royal Manx Show 2013

Champ Melton 2013 Res Champ Melton 2013
National Show-Sale West 2013 – Champion A Oliver (Ewe Lamb)

National Show-Sale East 2013 – Reserve Champion M Shimwell (Ewe Lamb)

Melton 2013 She Ewe Ewe Melton 2013
R Webb – Shearling Ram Melton 2013

M Webb – Shearling Ewe Melton 2013

Shrop Champion 2013

Shrop Res Champ 2013

National Show-Sale West 2013 – Champion Stonegrove Livestock (Shearling Ram)
National Show-Sale West 2013 – Reserve Champion L Bowles-M Bray (Ewe Lamb)

Halls Small Flock 2012

Southworth Tp 2013
Halls Small Flock Cup 2013 – Brereton Flock
‘Southworth Shield’ Best prepared pen of 2 or more sheep Millenheath Flock
Royal Welsh 2013 HRH
Oswestry Group of 3
Piddington Flock – Royal Welsh Show 2013
Roydon Flock – Group of Three Oswestry 2013
Denbigh-Flint 2013
Cheshire 2013 Cham-Res
Roydon Flock – Denbight-Flint Champion-Reserve Champion 2013
Millenheath Flock – Champion-Brereton Flock – Reserve Champion, Cheshire Show 2013
Cheshire 2013 Perf Champ
EOE Gof 3 2013
Brereton Flock – Performance Class – Cheshire Show 2013
Usher Flock – Group of Three East of England 2013

Melton Champion 2012

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Breed Champion at National Show-Sale (East) 2012 – Rode Lucas
Efa Glyn Jones – Winner Hornpipe Quaich 2012
Stafford 2012 East of England 2012
Roydon Champion-Usher Reserve Champion – Stafford 2012
Usher Shearling Ewe – Champion East of England 2012
Breeding Ewe Group of THree
Breeding Ewes – Cheshire County Show 2012

Millenheath – Group of Three – Cheshire County Show 2012

Champ-Reserve Ram Lamb
Roydon – Champion-Morley Reserve Champion – Cheshire County Show 2012
Roydon – Ram Lamb Cheshire County Show 2012
Ewe Lambs 3 Counties Sue F 2012
Ewe Lamb Class – Cheshire Show 2012
Piddington – Reserve Champion Interbreed Terminal Sire Group – Three Counties Show 2012

Ewe from Sue Farquhar's Piddington Flock

Burwarton 2010
Piddington Shearling Ewe – Interbreed Champion at Shropshire County Show 2010
Shropshires at Burwarton 2010
Chelford 2010 - Overall reserve Champion Sheep
Cheshire 2010 Cheshire 2010
Chelford September 2010 – Overall Reserve Champion
Shropshires at Cheshire 2010
Stafford 2010Stafford 2010
Shropshires at Stafford 2010
Anne Harvey and the Champion Shropshire at Cheshire Show 2007
Alison Schofield and the Reserve Champion Shropshire at Cheshire Show 2007
Anne Harvey and the Champion Shropshire at Cheshire Show 2007
Alison Schofield and the Reserve Champion Shropshire at the Cheshire Show 2007
Mrs M Webbs Ushers Nero – Interbreed Reserve Champion at the Rare and Traditional Breeds Show and Sale, Melton Mowbray
Sidedowns Captain Peacock – Breed Champion
East of England Show and Winner at 8 County Shows in 2003
Watsdyke Howell was the Champion Shropshire at the Royal Welsh Show in 2002
Sheep in the snow at Sandwell Park Farm
Mrs E Stewart’s Frenchlands Mr D’Arcy
Champion Shropshire RBST Show-Sale 2000 with member Peter King.
Head of Piddington No Name Champion Show-Sale 1999
George Jones’s Shropshires at Chirk Castle,
Wrexham, Clwyd
Dam of Sidedowns Senator
A group of Piddington ewes at Hansnett Farm, Herfordshire
A ewe lamb from the Sidedowns flock
Head of Sidedowns Bently
Piddington ewes, September 2005
Royal Welsh champion 2005
A Sidedowns ewe lamb pictured at the
Royal Welsh Show in 1998

Shropshires at the end of the rainbow – in Herefordshire.
Picture taken by Uwe Rutzen

Sidedowns Alderman


Sidedowns ewe lambs, 2005

Alderton shearling ewe
Sue Farquhar with Piddington Thomas
Ushers Duo
UK Shropshires Gallery
East of England breed champion ewe lamb, and ram
lamb (first in class) 2004, owned by Yvonne Clinton-Palmer and bred by
John and Pauline Bowles.
Cheshire Show Champion 2010
Cheshire 2010
Cheshire Show 2010 Interbreed