Shropshire Sheep in Ireland

Shropshire Sheep in Ireland

Hello from the Emerald Isle

Over the years flocks, of Shropshire Sheep have been establishing themselves both north and south of the border; currently there are almost 30 flocks.

Flock sizes range from 2 to 3 ewes running around in trees to larger flocks of 30 to 40 sheep who work all year round amongst Christmas Tree Plantations and in all areas the sheep assist with both weed and grass control.

Irish flock owners also use Shropshires to produce prime butchers’ lambs, which finish early from grass, without the need for concentrate feed, and produce a good. meaty carcasses.

There are two Breed Society Coordinators based in Ireland who are able to help with enquiries about starting a flock and stock as well as the ongoing day to day help.

Northern Ireland – Barry Hodson: 01744 811124
Eire – Pat Delaney: 053 913 9129

Shropshire sheep in a Christmas Tree plantation in Wexford on the 10th January 2010.