Breed Society Council Members - who's who

Vice President Mr Barry Hodson
Honorary Treasurer Mrs Marion Webb
Secretary Mr Simon Mackay
Registrar Mrs Alison Schofield
Sales Officer Mrs Claire Jakeman
Press and Publicity Contact Mrs Jeanette Hares - 01948 840233

The SSBA Council comprises the above officers, plus:

Mr Pat Delaney (Eire)
Mrs Pippa Geddes
Mrs Rosie Lee
Mrs Yvette Openshaw
Mrs Sue Farquhar
Mr Iain MacKirdy
Ms Liz Bowles
Ms Monique Hustinx
Miss Anne Harvey
Mr Les Newman

Breed Improvement Scheme Co Ordinator Mrs Pippa Geddes

Breed Society Coordinators in Northern Ireland and Eire:
Northern Ireland Mr Barry Hodson (01744 811124)
Eire Mr Pat Delaney (053 9139129)

Breed Society Coordinators for France : Ms Liz Bowles & Mr Les Newman

Export Officer Mrs Susan Farquhar
Merchandise and Awards Officer Miss Anne Harvey

Breed Stand Officer Mr Barry Hodson